Summary of Bills That Affect Land Use, Land Development, Property Rights, or Eminent Domain   These summaries are provided for informational purposes only, and do not reflect legal conclusions or opinions on any legislation.   Please refer to the bill text, or to the language of the Utah Code. The full text of each bill … Continue reading

New Case Summary — Q-2, LLC v. Hughes

2014 UT App 19 (Click for Full Text) Utah Court of Appeals January 24, 2014 This decision establishes that title to disputed property passes when the elements of boundary by acquiescence are established, even if the actual property boundary is asserted by a subsequent property owner. In this matter, the two property owners conceded that … Continue reading

2013 Appellate Roundup

A few 2013 cases from other states are summarized here.  These cases are classified as follows: Authority to exercise eminent domain, Damaging property for a public use,  Exactions and impact fees,  Just compensation, Other damages and compensation,  Land use regulation, and  Takings. The summaries include a comparison to Utah law. These cases are presented for information … Continue reading

New Case — Krejci v. Saratoga Springs

Utah Supreme Court 2013 UT 74 (Click for full text) Filed: December 10, 2013 The Utah Supreme Court issued this opinion explaining its reasons for ordering that a referendum to overturn a zoning decision be placed on the ballot for the 2013 municipal elections. At the request of the property owner, Saratoga Springs adopted a “site … Continue reading