Bills With Low or Coincidental Impact

2013 Bills With Low or Coincidental Impact on Land Use, Land Development, Property Rights, or Eminent Domain.

H.B. 11-S1: Local Transportation Corridor Preservation Fund Amendments

H.B. 54-S2: Property Tax and Appraiser Amendments

H.B. 71: Mobile and Manufactured Home Amendments

H.B. 74-S1: Property Tax Modifications

H.B. 86: Property Tax Certification Date 

H.B. 101-S1: Homeowners Association Amendments

H.B. 217S2: State Fire Code Act Amendments

H.B. 310: Construction Code Amendments

H.B. 347: Landowner Liability Amendments

H.B. 348: Local District Amendments

H.B. 401-S2: Statute of Limitations on Trespass

S.B. 64-S1: Homeowner Reserve Account Amendments  

S.B. 90-S2: Condominium and Community Association Amendments

S.B. 269-S1: Property Tax Revisions