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The Office of the Property Rights Ombudsman is committed to make  legal information accessible to all citizens, property owners, and government officials.

This Section fulfills that commitment, by providing the following information relevant to Property Rights, Takings, and Land Use Law:

        ♦  Links to the US Constitution, Utah Constitution, and Utah Code

               ♦  Selected Sections of the Utah Code

               ♦  Summaries of Important Appellate Decisions

               ♦  Brief Explanations of several relevant Legal Topics


  The texts of the Federal and Utah Constitutions may be found through these links:

 U.S. Constitution
 Utah Constitution


The Utah Code

 The Utah Code may easily be researched through these links:
    Utah Code and Constitution–Database maintained by the Utah Legislature.
   Searchable Database of the Utah Code–This link is also from the Utah Legislature.

   State of Utah Official Website


Sections of the Utah Code

ABOUT SECTIONS OF THE UTAH CODE The Utah Code consists of over 80 titles, each focusing on a specific topic.  Direct links to a few specific sections are found here.  These links are the Titles, Chapters, and Sections most directly involved with Eminent Domain, Takings, and Land Development Regulation.  A link to the Utah Administrative Code is also included. 

Appellate Decisions

ABOUT APPELLATE DECISIONS:  The legal conclusions from a few decisions from the U.S. Supreme Court, the Utah Supreme Court, and the Utah Court of Appeals relevant to Property Takings, Eminent Domain, and Land Use Regulation are summarized here.  The factual background of the cases is not included, but only the significant legal conclusions. Each summary also includes a link to the full text of the decision. 

Legal Topics

LegaleseABOUT LEGAL TOPICS:  Summary explanations of common legal topics focusing on Property Takings, Eminent Domain, and Land Use Regulation are found in this section.  These summaries are very simplified and provide basic information only. Any questions should be directed to The Office of the Property Rights Ombudsman. The topics include links to cases relevant to the topic, where such cases are available.   

DISCLAIMER:  Please be advised that the links and outlines in this section are provided for informational purposes only.  While every effort is made to ensure that the information provided is accurate, it should not be considered legal advice.  Please contact The Office of the Property Rights Ombudsman for more information about any of the topics discussed.  The Ombudsman Office does not assume responsibility for the reliability of other websites, or for the accuracy of the information provided in those websites.

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