H.B. 236-S: Land Development Revisions (Amends CLUDMA)


Amends:                                                         Enacts:

17-27a-103                                                    17-27a-522


Effective Date:  May 14, 2013

            Amends the County Land Use, Development, and Management Act (Chapter 17-27a of the Utah Code), but not the Municipal Land Use, Development, and Management Act, by creating a definition of “Site Plan,” which means documentation or a map required to help show that a proposed development meets land use requirements.  The bill prohibits counties from requiring that a property owner revegetate or landscape “a single family dwelling disturbance area” (which is not defined).  The bill enacts § 17-27a-522, which provides that a site plan (1) if modified, may not be used to impose a penalty, (2) does not represent an agreement for a specific layout, (3) does not bind an owner from future development on the property (or modifications to development of property), and (4) is superceded by the terms of a building permit.

NOTE:  H.B. 130S also enacts a § 17-27a-522 which is different than the section adopted by this bill.

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