H.B. 29: Adjudication of Water Rights



73-4-1                                      73-4-9

73-4-3                                      73-4-11

73-4-4                                      73-4-22



Effective Date:  May 14, 2013

            This bill makes changes to the procedure for general adjudication of water rights.  If requested by at least five water users (or a majority of users), the state engineer may file an action for a general adjudication, if an action is found to be  justified.  The state engineer may also propose to break the adjudication area down into divisions and subdivisions, but the requirements of Chapter 73-4 must be satisfied in each division or subdivision, and the court may incorporate all divisions into its final decree.  The bill also establishes new language governing how adjudications are investigated and prosecuted by the state engineer’s office.

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