H.B. 310: Construction Code Amendments


Amends:                                                                                                     Repeals:                  

         15A-2-103               15A-3-113              15A-3-307                             15A-4-302  

         15A-2-104               15A-3-202              15A-3-309                             15A-4-304 

         15A-3-102               15A-3-204              15A-3-310                             15A-4-305

         15A-3-103               15A-3-205              15A-3-311                             15A-4-306

         15A-3-104               15A-3-206              15A-3-313                             15A-4-307

         15A-3-105               15A-3-302              15A-3-314

         15A-3-107               15A-3-303              15A-3-401

         15A-3-108               15A-3-304              15A-3-501

         15A-3-110               15A-3-305              15A-3-601

         15A-3-112               15A-3-306              15A-3-801

Effective Date:  July 1, 2013

          This bill adopts the 2012 editions of the following:  

International Building Code

International Residential Code

International Plumbing Code

International Mechanical Code

International Fuel Gas Code

Several sections of the international codes were modified by this bill, and five local amendments were repealed.

See also H.B. 217S2 (Adoption of 2012 Edition of International FireCode).

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