H.B. 88-S2: Land Use Amendments (Amends LUDMA)



10-9a-205                          17-27a-205

10-9a-502                          17-27a-502


Effective Date:  May 14, 2013

            This bill amends LUDMA, or the Land Use, Development, and Management Acts (Chapter 10-9a and Chapter 17-27a of the Utah Code), by requiring notice to every landowner within an area proposed for a zoning map change.  The notice must be sent to each owner at least 10 days prior to a public hearing on the proposed zoning change.  Along with information about the hearing, the notice must identify the existing and proposed zoning designations and an explanation or reference explaining any regulations, prohibitions, or permitted uses that will be in place if the zoning change is adopted. 

            The bill also allows property owners to file a written objection to the proposed change, which may be filed up to 10 days after the first public hearing.  A planning commission is obligated to “consider each written objection,” and forward those objections to the local legislative body along with the recommendation on the zoning change. 

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