What You Need to Know When Someone Needs Your Land 



Your Guide to Just Compensation 

The Office of the Property Rights Ombudsman has prepared a booklet which helps explain the eminent domain process, and a property owner’s right to compensation.  It is available for no charge at the Ombudsman’s Office, or through this link:

Your Guide to Just Compensation


Important Information for Property Owners



1.   You Are Entitled to Receive Just Compensation for Your Property 

If private property is acquired for a public use, both the Federal and State Constitutions require that the owner be paid just compensation for the property.

The Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states in part:  “nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.” — U.S. Constitution, Amendment V

The Utah Constitution provides similar protection:  “Private property shall not be taken or damaged for public use without just compensation.”– Utah Constitution, Article I, § 22

Just Compensation is based on the fair market value of the property, and may include payment for damages related to the property taking.  The amount of compensation depends upon individual circumstances, and each case is evaluated separately.

SeeJust Compenation” in the “Find the Law” section, or Takings and Eminent Domain  for more information about your rights to compensation.

2.  You Are Entitled to Discuss the Matter with The Attorneys at The Office of the Property Rights Ombudsman

The Office of the Property Rights Ombudsman is an independent and neutral office which has been established to help property owners understand their rights, and also to encourage settlement of eminent domain disputes through mediation or arbitration. Property owners have the right to request mediation or arbitration.  There is no charge for this service.   To request assistance, fill out the Request Mediation or Arbitration form, or contact the Ombudsman’s Office.

See About the Ombudsman” or “About Mediation and Arbitration” for more information.

How to contact the Office of the Property Rights Ombudsman:

Phone Numbers, Email, and Website–

Phone:  (801) 530-6391

Toll Free (outside of Salt Lake County):  1-877-882-4662

Fax:  (801) 530-6338

Email:  propertyrights@utah.gov

Web:  www.propertyrights.utah.gov

Mailing Address–

The Office of the Property Rights Ombudsman

State of Utah — Department of Commerce

PO Box 146702

Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-6702

Office Location–

Heber M. Wells Building

160 E. 300 South, 2nd Floor

Salt Lake CIty, Utah

Office Hours:  8 am to 5 pm. Monday through Friday (closed on State Holidays)

3.   Oral Representations or Promises Made During Negotiations are Not Binding

During negotiations, representatives of the condemning agency may provide explanations or may make representations or promises that are not binding unless they are in writing. Like any real estate transaction, the final settlement in an eminent domain action must be in writing, and signed by the agency.

Before making any important decisions based on an offer from a condemning agency, a property owner should make sure that all representations and promises are in writing, and signed by a person authorized to act for the condemning agency.  The Office of the Property Rights Ombudsman may assist property owners by helping them understand settlement offers.

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